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To be the best on-line provider of Volvo cars and parts in the Western US.

Who we are:

On-line (Internet) matching of buyers and sellers of cars, specifically Volvo cars, both new and used. New cars are brokered and delivered through existing Volvo dealerships throughout the country and drop shipped to buyers. Used cars (typically classic and special interest) are delivered directly to buyers from individual sellers or from our inventory. We keep a virtual showroom on our web site that is created from digital pictures taken during the car inspection at the seller’s residence. We have an office and small warehouse that is used to house some of the cars, as well as, parts we have for sale. It is also a sign-off location for buyers who come to pick up cars, after all purchase agreements have been made.

Personal background:

My passion is Volvos, and has been for more than 32 years. From my first car, a 544 and my first Duett, a ’58 445, as a college student, to my latest ’95 855 T-5R, I have owned and driven more than 14 year/model Volvos.

I do almost all the work: restoration, maintenance, repairs and modifications, on all of these cars, and others that I have owned over the years. I have many of the Volvo Service manuals as well as Bentley, Haynes and others. I also have many of the parts manuals and a number of special tools for these cars. As a contributor on Yahoo group’s "1800list" for more than 4 years, I am considered one of the "Gurus" when it comes to Volvo 1800’s. I have been a member of Volvo Sports America since 1977 and VCOA since 1998, contributing numerous technical and narrative articles on Volvos, as well as cover photos. I am well known in the Volvo community due to my ongoing support of clubs and events and class winning cars. Many of the key people in this wonderful group know me and my abilities quite well. These include: Lee Cordner (VCOA President), Bill Webb (Volvo authority and VSA Western Region Editor), Bob Berglund (VSA VP), Dag Bengtsson (Volvo Product Marketing), as well as many others who I have met at numerous Volvo events and meets over the years. As a result, in 2002, I received the Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding contributions to the Volvo clubs from VCOA & VSA at the National Meet in Solvang, Ca.

I feel that in any work environment, it is important to know your customers and strive to meet their expectations. I am detail oriented, very motivated and strive for excellence in all that I do. This is evident in my life as well as my cars. I have a Masters Class ’73 1800ES which has won many awards, both in Volvo National competition and local SCCA Concours (including many 1st place and Best of Show awards) since 1989. I also have a class winning ’61 P210 Duett which took Peoples Choice award at the 2002 Volvo National Meet in Solvang. My other "more modern" Volvos include a modified ’83 242TI and a ’95 850T5R wagon. You can read more about these here.

How it shows:


Since1988, when we first started showing our 1800ES, we have received more than 40 awards, including many 1st Place and Best of Show. This car quickly graduated to the Masters Class. Most in Volvo National Meets and Bay Area SCCA Concours. Though our ’61 P210 Duett, "Gretta", is not a "show" car, she holds her own in Volvo club judging.

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